Iryna Polikovska, Actress and Dancer from Kyiv Ukraine

Hello, I am Ірина Поліковська; pleased to meet you online.

I am an actress, TV presenter and professional dance instructor based in Kyiv Ukraine.  I speak fluent Ukrainian and Russian and good American English and a little French.

  • I am presently training in several martial arts.
  • I have formal vocal training.
  • I started formal dance training at age 4 and compete internationally at All Star in West Coast Swing.
  • I have experience as an aquatic dancer.




Iryna Polikovska's Resume and History


Degree in Acting at the Kiev National University of Culture and Art


  • Nationality - Ukrainian, City Kyiv
  • Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French
  • Height 163 cm, Weight 47 kg
  • Size - XS , Eye color - green-grey


Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Various Weapons, Firearms

Professional Experience:

Movies and Series:

  • 2015 - "Особый отдел"," Судья"
  • 2016 - "18+", " Мажор","Мистические истории"
  • 2017 - "The choice" - режиссер Влад Климчук
  • 2018 - " Хамелион""Агенты справедливости"
  • 2019 - " While we sleep" - director Andrzej Sekula, "Вещдок"," Ментовские Войны".
  • 2014-2018 TV presenter at the "Inter" TV


  • West Coast Swing - All Star level
  • Zouk, Tango, Aquatic